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Watermelon Tarbooj Seeds | Fruit Seeds

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Watermelon Tarbooj Seeds | Fruit Seeds

You will get approximately 6 – 8 Seeds in a packet. 

Quench your summer thirst with the ultimate refreshment – homegrown watermelons! These seeds offer the sweet, juicy taste of summer, perfect for enjoying chilled on hot days or as part of refreshing salads and juices. Easy to grow and incredibly rewarding, watermelons are a fun and delicious addition to any Indian garden.

Planting Tips:

  • Sowing Time: Watermelon thrives in warm weather. Sow seeds directly outdoors after the soil has warmed up and all danger of frost has passed.
  • Soil: Prepare fertile, well-draining soil. Incorporate aged manure or compost for extra nourishment.
  • Sunlight: Choose a spot that gets full, direct sunlight for the sweetest, most abundant harvest.
  • Spacing: Watermelons need plenty of space to spread. Plant seeds on mounds 4-6 feet apart.

Care Tips for Success:

  • Watering: Water deeply and less frequently, especially during fruiting. Allowing the soil to slightly dry out between waterings encourages sweetness.
  • Fertilizer: Feed with a balanced fertilizer early in their growth, then switch to a potassium-rich feed when fruits begin to form.
  • Mulch: A layer of mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and keep the soil warm.
  • Harvest: Your watermelons are ready when the underside turns yellow, and they sound hollow when tapped.

Beat the heat with the sweet taste of homegrown watermelons! Order your seeds today and experience the joy of growing your own.

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