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Rajnigandha Tuberose Flower Bulbs

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Looking for a unique and exotic addition to your garden? Look no further than Rajnigandha (Tuberose) bulbs! ‚ú® These fragrant beauties are known for their intoxicating scent and stunning white blooms. Order your bulbs now and start growing your own piece of perfume paradise!

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Rajnigandha Tuberose Flower Bulbs: Immerse yourself in the fragrance of the night!

Bring the enchanting beauty and intoxicating aroma of Rajnigandha (Tuberose) flowers into your garden with these premium bulbs! Renowned for their exquisite white blooms and intoxicating night-blooming fragrance, these bulbs are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sensuality to your landscape.

Product Highlights:

    • Fragrant Blooms:¬†Enjoy the captivating,¬†sweet,¬†and heady fragrance of Rajnigandha flowers,¬†especially in the evening.
    • Elegant Appearance:¬†Delicate white,¬†waxy flowers bloom in clusters on tall spikes,¬†creating a stunning visual display.
    • Easy to Grow:¬†Suitable for beginners,¬†these bulbs require minimal care and thrive in warm climates.
    • Perennial:¬†With proper care,¬†these bulbs can return year after year,¬†providing you with lasting enjoyment.

Planting and Care Tips:


    • Timing:¬†Plant bulbs in late spring or early summer after the danger of frost has passed.
    • Location:¬†Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil.
    • Depth:¬†Plant bulbs 2-3 inches deep with the pointed end facing up.
    • Spacing:¬†Space bulbs 4-6 inches apart.
    • Watering:¬†Water deeply after planting and keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy.


    • Watering:¬†Water regularly,¬†especially during hot and dry weather.¬†Avoid overwatering.
    • Fertilizing:¬†Feed plants with a balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.
    • Deadheading:¬†Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms.
    • Winter Care:¬†In colder climates,¬†dig up bulbs after the first frost and store them in a cool,¬†dry place until spring.

Additional Tips:

    • For best results,¬†soak bulbs in lukewarm water for 24 hours before planting.
    • Mulch around the base of the plants to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
    • You can also grow Rajnigandha bulbs in containers.¬†Choose a pot with drainage holes and use a well-draining potting mix.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of Rajnigandha flowers in your garden for years to come!

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