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Rain Lily Bulb Zephyranthes Mix Color Flower Bulbs (Pack of 05 Bulbs)

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Rain Lily Bulb Zephyranthes Mix Color Flower Bulbs
Qty: Pack of 05 Bulbs

Experience an Explosion of Color with Rain Lily Bulbs

Transform your garden into a vibrant tapestry of color with these easy-to-grow Rain Lily Bulbs (Zephyranthes).

Planting Instructions

  1. Timing: Plant your Rain Lily bulbs in spring or early summer.
  2. Location: Choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Rain Lilies thrive in full sun but tolerate partial shade.
  3. Spacing: Plant bulbs 2-3 inches deep and 6 inches apart.
  4. Watering: Water thoroughly after planting, then water only when the topsoil feels dry.

Care Tips

  • Effortless Beauty: Rain Lilies are delightfully low-maintenance.
  • Fertilizer: For a boost of blooms, fertilize lightly in the spring.
  • Drought-tolerant: These bulbs can handle periods of dryness, making them perfect for water-wise gardening.
  • Naturalizing: Allow them to spread naturally for a charming, informal look.
  • Long-Lasting Enjoyment: Rain Lilies will reward you with years of colorful blooms.

Order your Rain Lily Bulbs today and watch your garden come alive with color!

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