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Portulaca Rainbow Mixed Color Flower Seeds

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Portulaca Rainbow Mixed Color Flower Seeds

You will get approximate mix colored approximately 50 seeds in a packet.

Bring a splash of sunshine to your garden with these easy-to-grow Portulaca seeds! Also known as Moss Rose, these low-maintenance annuals explode with colorful blooms in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and more. Perfect for groundcover, borders, rock gardens, or hanging baskets, they thrive in the Indian heat.

Germination Tips

  • Sunlight is key: Portulaca seeds need light to germinate. Sow on the soil surface or with a very light dusting of soil. Do not bury deeply.
  • Ideal timing: For best results, sow during warmer months in India.
  • Soil temperature: Optimal germination occurs at soil temperatures around 21-26°C
  • Germination period: Expect seedlings to emerge within 10-14 days.

Planting & Growing

  • Sunlight: Full sun is a must! Portulaca loves hot weather.
  • Soil: Well-draining soil is preferred. Sandy or slightly rocky soils are ideal.
  • Spacing: Space plants 6-12 inches apart.
  • Drought-tolerant: These beauties can handle dry spells once established.

Caring for Portulaca

  • Watering: Water deeply but infrequently. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Avoid overwatering.
  • Fertilizing: Portulacas are light feeders. A light application of balanced fertilizer once or twice a season is enough.
  • Blooming: Deadhead spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming throughout the season.
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