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Lycoris Lily Mixed Color Flower Bulb

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Lycoris Lily Mixed Color Flower Bulbs (Pack of 01 Bulb)

Lycoris commonly called spider lily is a late summer-blooming bulb of the amaryllis family. Strap-like grayish-green leaves appear in fall only after bloom is finished. Naked flower scapes emerge from the ground in late summer to early fall, each bearing an umbel of 4 to 6 showy coral flowers.

Common Name : Cluster Amaryllis, Hurricane Lily, Magic Lily, Spider Lily, Stone Garlic
Height : 12 to 36 inches
Flower Colour : Any color
Bloom Time : Late Summer to Monsoon season
Difficulty Level : Easy to grow

Planting And Care

  • Water a plant when the soil feels dry to touch
  • Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering for the winter & rainy season
  • Try to water the plants in the morning around 8-10am
  • You should remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and throw in the garbage collector
  • You should fertilize a plant mostly in the spring season, flower bud stage
  • Mulch the potting mix with organic material
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