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Long Melon Kakri | Vegetable Seeds

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1 packet contains Long Melon Kakri – 10-12 seeds.

The Long melon form a distinct group of species with many similarities in botany, agronomy ecological requirements and susceptibility to insect pests and diseases. Long melon is also one of them. Some of them are used in the form of salad, cooked as vegetables, and preserved in the form of sweets. It is grown mainly grown in tropical, sub tropical and milder zones of India. Long melon popularly known as kakri

Common Name : scintific name:-utilissimus, Duthic,fuller,Commone name:-cucurbits
Bloom Time: Summer feb to march
Sunlight : full sun
Soil : Deep well drained soil with sandy or sandy loam texture is suitable.
Temperature : 25 to 35 degrees c
Fertilizer : Use any organic fertilizer.

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