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Echinofossulocactus Caespitosus Flower Cactus Seeds (Set of 10 Seeds)

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It is a globular cactus which became elongate when old , even though usually solitary this species is one of the few members of the genus that can put forth basal shoots. It does so as a young plant, becoming sometime densely branched. Stems rather small up to 10 cm in diameter, 10 (20) cm tall with about 27 corrugated, sharp-edged ribs, swollen where the areoles grow. The latter are round and thickly felted around the apex, later becoming almost bare.

Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)
Scientific name: Stenocactus obvallatus
Synonyms: Echinofossulocactus obvallatus, Echinofossulocactus caespitosus, Echinofossulocactus pentacanthus
Flowers: 1-2 cm long can be up to 3-4cm in diameter.E. obvallatus has white or pale yellow flowers with pink mid-veins and a greenish base.. The plants known as Stenocactus pentacanthus have long lasting bluish flowers in early spring.

Cultivation: Easy to to care and flower. It needs regular cacti soil with good drainage.

Propagation: Seeds (usually) or but, since it tillers early, it is simpler to use shoots.

Exposure: It likes strong sunshine but is tolerant and do well with light shade during the hot Summer months, allow to dry between watering. It should not be watered at all in winter

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